North of Belarus : true adventures

We will kayak along the River Nyshcha in Rossony District, which is in the very north of our country. This route is not spoiled by tourists; most likely we meet no one on the way except an otter, a beaver, a kingfisher and other birds. The first part of the route is full of obstacles such as beaver dams and fallen trees. However, thanks to a stable and maneuverable plastic kayaks, we will confidently move forward. The second part of the route, which we will go on next day, will be calmer and more hasteless. Our tour will be accompanied by an experienced ornithologist, who will help to observe the surrounding nature.

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At 16:00 departure from Minsk. Evening arrival at the camping spot. We set up the tents, have dinner, rest and talk around a campfire under a starry sky.


Before breakfast, early in the morning, walk through the forest with an ornithologist that to listen and watch the birds. After breakfast we finally set off for kayaking! Today there will be an active and intense way. On our route we will make a stop for lunch snack. In the evening we arrive at the camping spot, set the tents and share our impressions while having dinner.


Morning begins again with an ornithological walk - we will wake up early that to get the most from the surrounding nature and the still warm summer dawn. After breakfast we will continue our kayaking journey. Our route today will be easier and more relaxed than yesterday. We will stop near beaver dams and trails and probably meet a kingfisher on this part of the route. The kayaking ends around lunchtime in the village Klyastitsy. We will have a picnic and after that will make our way back. Around 20:00-21:00 we will be in Minsk.

Why did we call this kayak tour "wild"? Because the Nishcha River is located in the very north of Belarus, among the picturesque forest landscapes formed by the glacier. It is not as popular as rivers which are close to Minsk, which increases the likelihood of meeting animals and birds. During our last kayak tour we were able to clearly see the otter, hear the song of the kingfisher, and watch rare dragonflies. Kayak tour is accompanied by a professional guide to the wild nature, a biologist with a specialization in ornithology. During the tour you will learn new facts about the life of semi-aquatic mammals, dragonflies and birds. We are organizing a birdwatching forest walk every morning, after which you will be able to distinguish the singing of at least a dozen birds.

Who we invite for this tour:

  Tourists, who has kayaking experience - Barriers such as felled trees and beaver dams will make the trip interesting and memorable

  Newcomers ready to overcome obstacles - If you are one of those who like to learn new things and ready to overcome obstacles on the way

The first part of the route will not be the easiest because of some natural obstacles, but we will teach you effective techniques how to overcome them. The flow on the river Nishcha is slow, which will help you to go through smoothly. So if you like an adventure vacation, frequently alternating landscapes and you also want to get acquainted with birds, plants and animals of forests better - this kayak tour is just designed for you!


Included in the price:
  • transfer from Minsk and back;
  • place in a kayak, a paddle, a life jacket, a dry bag;
  • place in a tent, a sleeping bag, a mat;
  • food (camp kitchen);
  • escorting by a kayak instructor;
  • nature excursions from a professional ornithologist;
  • an English-speaking guide on the tour.
Adults 210 BYN

Age 13+

Children 190 BYN

Age 5-12


Age 1-4

The listed price is relevant to a scheduled tour or a group of 12+ participants

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