Cycling tour : chasing birds among the lakes

Our route goes through the picturesque lakes - Lukomlskae and Chereiskae. We will pass a fragrant pine forest located along the lakes and local villages with traditional wooden buildings. The guide in this journey is a professional ornithologist, who lives in this area and knows well all local birds. We will learn how to identify a number of species in flight, recognize birds by their singing, and closely observe them with binoculars. The final point of our route is Belaya Tserkov island, which has already become known throughout Belarus thanks to the Sprava festival. On the shore of this astonishing island we will have a tasty and refined lunch from the Frenchman, the local culinary specialist - Boris Boignard.

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In the morning at 8:00 we leave Minsk. We get by minibus to the start of the route (near Lake Lukomskoye), we meet with our guide. We choose a bike (or take your own from our trailer) and start!

Accompanied by a professional ornithologist, we will observe birds near Lake Lukomskoye, and at sunset we will reach Chereyskoye in the White Church. Probably, we will not be able to resist and jump into one of the lakes on the way. The total mileage is about 35 km.

We will organize a snack on the route, and for dinner, for a better feeling of the beauty of these places, we will have food from the French chef Boris Boignard, who prepares exquisite dishes from local farm products.

We will return to Minsk around 21: 00-22: 00.

The route passes along the southern border of the Belarusian Lake District, in places where the glacier stopped more than 10 thousand years ago, leaving the majestic lakes - Lukomlskoe, Selyava, Chereiskoye. We will get acquainted with forest inhabitants of two nature reserves “Zelenoe Lyado” and “Selyava”.
Spring or autumn, the period of birds migrations is one of the most incredible phenomena in the life of animals which is also associated with the ice age. Birds will be in focus during this tour! Over 160 species of birds nest in this area, which is half of all that can be found throughout Belarus. Some rare species are distinguished among them - white-tailed eagle, osprey, gray crane and big merganser.

But during the tour we will also get to know more ordinary, but not less interesting species, which you perhaps did not notice before in everyday life. Traveling on bikes will help us to see and hear more of our feathered neighbors: while we move, we will learn to identify birds in flight, in their habitual and unusual biotopes. This tour will be a good training of observation, because the ability to notice is the key to success in identifying birds in nature. All photos were taken in these places!

Photo: Vitaliy Koscheev


Included in the price:
  • transfer from Minsk and back;
  • food (picnic and lunch from Boris Boignard);
  • guidance by a professional ornithologist;
  • bike delivery;
  • an English-speaking guide on the tour.
135 BYN

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120 BYN

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