Forest weekend : a real date with the wilderness

In this journey we go to the very north of Belarus, to a cozy eco-lodge in Rossony district, for meeting wild nature. We will take part in bird ringing, walk in the forest accompanied by charming Amur (Russian greyhound) and study the traces of wild animals, probably meet deer and moose, get acquainted with wolves living in aviary near the eco-lodge, walk across the bog, talk to professional ornithologists and other amateurs of wildlife!

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Departure from Minsk at 17:00. After arriving to the eco-lodge we will have a tasty dinner and get acquainted with the ornithologist who will guide us during these days.


We start the day with the bird ringing. We will observe a bird ringing station, get to know why do birds (or ornithologists) need those rings, how do the nets for catching the birds look like, etc. Then we watch how the early birds get their rings, investigate what species are caught, what are some specific features of each kind. We are going to check the nets every hour: any time a new bird can be caught!

Today we are going for an exciting tour to a nearby upland bog. You will get acquainted with this wonderful biosphere, its plants, birds and other inhabitants.

In the evening we go to a wildlife safari in search of deer, roe deer and moose.


In the morning we check the nets and ring the birds. Perhaps there will be some new species, which we didn't catch the first day. Depending on the weather, we can go searching for an owl with a transmitter, or have some other adventure. After a tasty lunch, we leave for Minsk. The estimated time of arrival is 19:00.

At this eco-lodge there is one of two bird ringing stations in Belarus, where we will get acquainted with common redpoll, several species of tits, yellowhammer, Eurasian jay, treecreeper and other birds caught with the special nets. The ornithologist who accompanies us throughout the journey will answer all questions regarding birds and other inhabitants of the local forest.

Participation in the bird ringing process will answer the questions: why does a bird need a ring, how long do birds live in wildlife and what to do if you find a ringed bird. And, of course, we will have a unique opportunity to see all ringed birds from such a close distance!

On our Youtube channel you can find several bird species ringed at the station "Sasnovy Bor", and get inspired by the atmosphere of wild nature, where we will dive during the Forest Weekend!

In addition to bird ringing and wildlife safari, we will have a tour to the nearest upland bog. It will be a 3-hour walk with a guide. You will learn the distinctive features of upland, lowland and transitional bogs, explore the unique landscape and gain practical skills in moving around such area.

Nevertheless, we also care about comfort: during the tour we will stay in a cozy eco-lodge (double rooms with a personal bathroom) and enjoy delicious home-made food from the hostess!


Included in the price:
  • guidance by a a professional ornithologist;
  • accommodation in the lodge (double rooms with a private bathroom);
  • delicious home-made food (Friday - dinner, Saturday - 3 meals/day, Sunday - breakfast and lunch);
  • transfer to the eco-lodge and back (please let us know if you want to join with your own car - we will tell you about possible discounts);
  • an English-speaking guide on the tour.
Adults 230 BYN
Children 180 BYN

Age 5-11


Age 1-4

The listed price is relevant to a scheduled tour or a group of 10+ participants

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