Herbs and Flavors : activate receptors

A useful day in nature, in the Naliboki Forest: we will go for a herbal excursion along the ecological path, discover the plants that are growing under our feet, learn to distinguish a cuff, a shepherd's purse, a yarrow, a speedwells, a loosestrifes, a meadow-grasses, a common wormwood, chicory and much more. You will find out how to distinguish the German chamomile from other types of mayweed, find out why saponaria is called soap root, whether hogweed is poisonous and how chaga mushroom looks like. After detailed stories of our guide, a professional biologist, you will know the characteristics of a number of plants and the way how you can use them to strength you health. And in the end, during aroma workshop you will prepare an individual perfume based on natural oils of your choice!

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  • 10:00 - departure from Minsk. Arrival at the lodge, morning tea with a pie;
  • a herbal excursion along the eco-path, collecting herbs;
  • coming back to the lodge, a talk about the healing properties of herbs;
  • begin fermentation of willow tea;
  • delicious lunch;
  • aroma diagnostics and the preparation of individual perfumes!
  • About 18:00 we return to Minsk.

After this workshop you will know the medicinal properties of plants and will be able to create a herbal first-aid kit, including stop bleeding agents, flu prevention, help with a hoarse voice or indigestion. We will also try to find poisonous plants and memorize their differences from food-growing wild plants similar to them. During the walk we will collect herbs that to prepare tea for the winter! We will learn what fermentation is  and prepare fermented honey willow tea.  We will also ferment a leaf of strawberry and chokeberry, if we are lucky to find enough of them.

We decided not to limit our workshop only with herbs and to supplement it with aroma diagnostics and making individual perfumes! After lunch, we will explore the world of fragrances, learn how to choose truly natural essential oils, what healing properties they have and how they are related to our character and mood. After exploring more than 30 fragrances, we will create individual perfumes for ourselves (oil or alcohol basis).

Each participant will take home:

  • collected herbs for tea;
  • fermented leaves of willow tea;
  • a perfume from natural essential oils;
  • useful knowledge about the usage of herbs.


Included in the price:
  • transfer from Minsk and back;
  • phyto excursion and aroma workshop with a professional biologist;
  • all ingredients for individual perfumes (more than 30 different oils);
  • lunch in the lodge, a variety of herbal tea.
Adults 105 BYN

Age 13+

Children 85 BYN

Age 5-12


Age 1-4

The listed price is relevant to a scheduled tour or a group of 12+ participants

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