Natural cosmetics : composition matters

- Do natural care products work?
- Is it hard to make really professional cosmetics at home?
- Probably, it takes too much time and not so easy?
- There are so many recipes, where should I start?

If you have ever asked yourself one of these questions, you will be surprised: making natural cosmetics at home is no more difficult than making dinner!

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09:00 - meeting at the metro station "Kamennaya Horka", transfer to an eco-lodge in Volozhin district

10:00 - arrival to the lodge, morning tea with a pie

After the tea and getting to know each other talk, we begin to prepare the cosmetics! The first half of our workshop will be entirely devoted to creams. You will find out what ingredients you need that to make a cream at home and get simple recipes that you immediately check in practice. We will prepare:

  • eye cream;
  • night cream.

  • 14:00 - Lunch

    After the lunch, we will continue to replenish our set of natural cosmetics and prepare:

  • hair spray;
  • cleanser with clay and aloe juice.

  • We will be back in Minsk around 17:00-18:00.

    For one day in a cozy lodge on the edge of Naliboki Forest, we will learn how to prepare five different cosmetic care products. Olga Dziuban, who will guide us through this workshop is a professional biologist, but besides teaching university students, for several years already she organizes webinars on the preparation of phytocosmetics and workshops with Walk to Folk. You will find out which ingredients are best to use for your skin and by the end of the workshop you will receive a set of natural cosmetics made by you! Some participants, who earlier took part in the workshop, now prepare cosmetics at home, which is more eco-friendly for the environment, healthier for the skin and even cheaper.

    An eco-lodge where we are going to stay is located in the Volozhin district, just an hour drive from Minsk. The owners of the estate create an incredibly homely atmosphere and serve very tasty food!


    Included in the price:
    • transfer from Minsk and back;
    • lunch in the lodge, welcome tea with a pie;
    • workshop in phytocosmetics from a professional biologist;
    • all the ingredients for a set of phytocosmetics and the necessary containers.
    95 BYN

    The listed price is relevant to a scheduled tour or a group of 10+ participants

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