Naliboki Forest : one of the largest forests in Europe

Just 80 kilometers from Minsk, you can spot bison in the wild, unexpectedly meet a herd of deer around the bend and roe deer crossing the road. In this safari tour we will travel around the surroundings of Naliboki Forest to see more of its inhabitants. And on foot we will explore two trails with a guided tour excursion by a nature reserve specialist.

During the trip we will get acquainted with the scientific activities of the nature reserve and visit the capercaillie farm. It was created with the aim of preserving the Western European subspecies of capercaillie.

Photo: Pavel Lychkousky (main picture and first two in the gallery)

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09:00 - Departure from Minsk (metro station Kamennaya Gorka, parking near the Green hypermarket)

10:00 - Start walking the first trail (about 1 km). Here we will see three different biotopes: pine forest, meadow and swamp. A specialist of the reserve will guide us through, what will broaden your knowledge about forest, and make your nature walks more interesting and thoughtful. We will get acquainted with the scientific activity of the reserve: will visit a capercaillie farm. On the way to the eco-lodge, where we have lunch, we will go on a safari in order to see bison and other animals in the wild.

13:30 - Delicious lunch at a local eco-lodge.

15:00 - We begin a walk along the second trail (about 1.3 km). After a walk through the fresh pine forest, we will reach the river Isloch.

Coming back to Minsk at about 5 p.m.

We will hike two trails in nature reserve. On the first route we will observe three different biotopes: a pine forest, a meadow and a swamp, and on the second we will see the beautiful river Isloch and take a photo with cool land art objects.

Do not forget your camera! You might make great shots of a herd of wild horses and European bison. Wild horses are new inhabitants for these places. 150 horses of Konik breed were brought to Naliboki Forest from the Netherlands in September 2019. There is a possibility that in winter they will gather together near feeding stations, where we can see them.


Included in the price:
  • transfer from Minsk (metro Kamennaya Gorka) and back;
  • excursions from the specialist of the nature reserve due to the program;
  • delicious lunch at a local eco-lodge.
Adults 85 BYN
Children 75 BYN

Age 5-11

Kids FREE*

Age 0-4

*Parents with small kids are kindly asked to travel with private transport. Please, contact us for more details.

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