Tea Sunday : a flavor of herbs and homemade chocolate

When winter comes you can expect some unpleasant health problems... What to do that do not get sick? There is a way! And we need to look for it not in a pharmacy, but simply around us. During this Tea Sunday you will get to know not less than ten types of plants that will help you to cope with a cold and improve immunity. All these plants can be carefully picked from nature, but if don't have such chance, then you can get them from a green pharmacy. We will discover plants not only in photographs, but also on the pages of a real herbarium, therefore everyone will be able to recognize them in wild nature.

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10:00 - meeting at the metro station Kamennaya Gorka, transfer to the lodge

11:00 - arriving at the lodge, morning tea with a pie and a lecture about herbs with a professional biologist Olga Dzyuban. This information will help to avoid visits to the pharmacy and successfully use the herbs at the first symptoms of colds; generally improve immunity

13:00 - a walk along the eco-path: fresh air, a snowy forest and info about some plants that we can see along the way

14:00 - delicious homemade lunch

15:00 - preparing homemade chocolate! Everyone will be able to repeat the recipe at home and delight themselves with natural sweets.

16:00 - continue the lecture and conversation on the topic of herbs

Returning to Minsk around 18: 00-19: 00

What is this meeting about:

- three of the most powerful herbs;
- how to use the herbs wisely;
- what can replace "Theraflu";
- what herbs will fight a hoarse voice;
- dry cough: we go for a plantago and althaea;
- how to make a drink from chicory and dandelion;
- how to choose the right dog rose;
- Chaga mushroom, Fireweed, Thyme - how to properly collect and distinguish these plants in nature;
- where to store herbs;
- how strong is herbal medicine;
- usage of pine needles;
- answering your questions and much more.


Included in the price:
  • transfer from Minsk and back;
  • lecture/conversation of a professional biologist;
  • preparing homemade chocolate;
  • lunch in the lodge, a variety of herbal tea;
  • a pack of 100% natural herbal tea.
Adults 80 BYN
Children 70 BYN

Age 5-11


Age 1-4

The listed price is relevant to a scheduled tour or a group of 10+ participants

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