Kayak Minsk : new look at the city

Summer kayak tours in Minsk every Wednesday: 2 hours route, starting near the Dreamland Amusement Park. You can expect an interesting company of participants, such like active locals and other foreign tourists, all that forms a cool intercultural atmosphere! In addition to regular kayak tours, we organize special events such like “In Search of Eldorado” - a city tour from the water, concerts “On the Waves of Sound”, as well as other events with an interesting and outstanding program.

Over the past couple of years we have organized several dates in kayaks (yes, we've done speed-dating tours on kayaks!), brought musicians to the island in the middle of Kamsamolskae Lake, made a number of graduation and birthday parties.

Kayak Minsk is a great option to get acquainted with the city from a new and unusual angle, meet active and bright people from Belarus and other countries or continents. If you have never tried kayaking, Kayak Minsk will be a comfortable and safe option for you: the distance is quite short, about 4 kilometers, which is ideal for the first time. If you are already an experienced tourist, we promise you will enjoy a beautiful evening in the city!

We regularly publish an event calendar on our Facebook page.


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