Hike across the bog : take a breath

Have you ever walked at the bog? It is worth trying! The bog is an absolutely unique ecosystem, which plays an important role in cleaning the air of whole Europe. Our tour will take you to the most picturesque bog in Belarus - Yelnya. During the hike, you will learn more about the “lungs” of Europe, their inhabitants, such as sundew, cotton grass, sphagnum, goddess and others. In summer, we strongly recommend you to have a swim in famous peat lakes: it is absolutely amazing! It will not only soft your skin and strength your health, but will also be an exciting part of your travel experience.

Depending on a season, we can watch waders or cranes. If you are interested in a specialized birdwatching tour at the bog - let us know, we can provide that as well.

Photo: Oksana Shyrei, Tatiana Leonovich

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Saturday. In the morning we leave Minsk at 08:00.

Today we will explore Yelnya from the south. First we will visit the ecological class, which can be named as a visit center of the Yelnya bog. Then we are moving to the bog itself, where the tour will be accompanied by a local guide Valerij, wildlife photographer and expert in ornithology. We will walk the trails of local fishermen deep into the bog, to picturesque lakes. We will organize a picnic before going for a hike.

After the hike - a delicious dinner (made from farm products, cooked over a fire).

Arrival at the tourist lodge, rest. If possible, we will organize sauna (a bonus from Walk to Folk).

Sunday. We meet with another guardian of Yelnya bog - Kasya, who will take us along the non-tourist route of the Mokh bog (a reserve adjacent to Yelnya). On this hike (about 3-4 hours) we will learn about the herbs growing in the swamp, birds and animals. The acquaintance with Kasya herself will be remarkable and memorable - this is a woman who has already become a legend of these places!

Coming back to the lodge, having lunch.

Departure to Minsk. Coming back at 19:00.

At Yelnya we will learn what is "ozeravka", and explore these mystical places by swimming in them! Peat lakes at the bogs are shallow and the water temperature is usually warm enough. Especially on a hot day, it's just an incredible pleasure to plunge into a lake with a peat bottom. Take our tourists' word for it: swimming at Yelnya is one of the most vivid impressions of the trip!


Included in the price:
  • accompanying by a local guide;
  • accommodation in a lodge (double/triple rooms with a shared bathroom);
  • food;
  • transfer from Minsk and back.
Adults 210 BYN
Children 190 BYN

Age 8-12

The listed price is relevant to a scheduled tour or a group of 12+ participants

Are you going to travel with smaller children? We can either organize an individual tour for you, an easier one; or contact us and we will describe you more precisely the routes of this tour, so you decide if that is suitable for your kids.  Write us to make sure they would feel comfortable during the tour.

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