Tea Sunday

We will spend a day in a cozy eco-lodge of Volozhin Region in a company of a professional biologist. There we will learn how to benefit your health using herbs, will cook homemade chocolate and get a package of 100% natural herbal tea!

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Herbs and Flavors

Herbs and Flavors : activate receptors A useful day in nature, in the Naliboki Forest: we will go for a herbal excursion along the ecological path, discover the plants that are growing under our feet, learn to distinguish a cuff, a shepherd's purse, a yarrow, a speedwells, a loosestrifes, a meadow-grasses, a common wormwood, chicory and much …

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Shapavaly : a unique phenomenon in Belarusian tradition This 2-day tour will take you to an authentic village in Mogilev region, show unique living traditions of wool felting and people who preserve it. The small village of Pakut'e for a couple of last centuries was a center of wool felting. Local masters used to felt boots …

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Natural Cosmetics

  Natural cosmetics : composition matters - Do natural care products work? - Is it hard to make really professional cosmetics at home? - Probably, it takes too much time and not so easy? - There are so many recipes, where should I start? If you have ever asked yourself one of these questions, you will …

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Traditional Bread Baking

Baking bread : traditional recipe for healthy and modern life Baking sourdough bread is very exciting and useful process! You will spend a day being in a cozy eco-lodge near the forest, in a cheerful company. And you take home a ready-to-use proven recipe and of course fresh bread made by you! During this workshop you …

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