Safari at Naliboki Forest

Naliboki Forest : one of the largest forests in Europe Just 80 kilometers from Minsk, you can spot bison in the wild, unexpectedly meet a herd of deer around the bend and roe deer crossing the road. In this safari tour we will travel around the surroundings of Naliboki Forest to see more of its …

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Chernobyl Tour

Stories of Chernobyl : a tour to the Belarusian exclusion zone The main objective of our trip is to get acquainted with the activities of the Polesie State Radioecological Reserve, to learn about radiation contamination issues with the scientific staff of the reserve, as well as to monitor the flora and fauna of the territories …

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Drumming With Woodpeckers

Drumming with woodpeckers : the sound of spring We invite you to get acquainted with woodpeckers: during our next ornithological expedition, you will learn how to identify different types of woodpeckers by their drumming! Find out what kind of woodpeckers are the largest, who has only three fingers and who can meet you in the aspen wood. …

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1-day Kayak tour

Kayaking in Minsk region : get away for a day This full 1-day journey takes place just an hour away from Minsk. After not a long drive, we will reach a picturesque river, where we will kayak for about 4-5 hours. Even if you have never tried kayaking before, have no worries, the tour is not difficult …

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Tea Sunday

We will spend a day in a cozy eco-lodge of Volozhin Region in a company of a professional biologist. There we will learn how to benefit your health using herbs, will cook homemade chocolate and get a package of 100% natural herbal tea!

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